Hello Fellas!

World Environment Day (WED) is celebrated every June 5. The proposal for World Environment Day was first coined by Japan and Senegal at the 1972 Stockholm Conference. This was based on the state of the environment at that time which was very alarming and hit by various disasters.

The big theme of World Environment Day celebrated today is “Time For Nature” with a focus on Biodiversity. Biodiversity is a part of human life which is manifested from food to medicine. According to worldenvironmentday.com, 87 out of 115 global food plants depend on pollinating insects or animals. Biodiversity also helps to avoid the effects of climate change when forests convert carbon dioxide into oxygen into the air we breathe. But now the world is hit by a crisis of biodiversity. It found that about one million species are endangered.

Therefore, protecting biodiversity is very important for human health and well-being. We can celebrate World Environment Day in various ways like following a global campaign, participating in educating about environmental conditions, poster contests, or many others.

So guys, save the environment starting from your own action. Let’s take care of the earth and it will take care of you!

Thank you!

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