General Meeting II

Hello fellas 🤗🤗🌿 The 2nd General Meeting was held on March 6th 2019, at TFIC Building. This meeting was intended to inform and discuss about IFSA LC-IPB current membership and each commission’s programs that has been running along with the evaluation, together with all IFSA LC-IPB active members. And also, there was a special announcement for IFSA LC-IPB Member of The Month for March, and that is Safira Azizah (HRD) and Kresna Hakam Fadilah (PR). Congratulations both of you. Keep up the good work👏🏼 The meeting went very smoothly. The excitement of the members are flaming just like usual😊😊 “You must find the place inside yourself where nothing is impossible.
(Deepak K. Chopra)” Thank you
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