I’ve got lots of benefits from IFSA along my self as an active member in there. We’ve learned a well time management system between study and organization. Don’t assume the trouble as obstacles, but assume it as challenge, opportunity for meet some great people and inspiring people, Learning how to be a best and wise leader. Able to meet and get to know well with some friends across and different from our faculty, University, even from different country. Btw, IFSA is enjoy and relaxing but serious kinda organization. You can feel the relaxed vibes but should serious in that activity implementation.
-Fikri Rizqiawan Nuryadin-
IFSA Alumnus
Delegate of the 21st International Forestry and Environment Symposium in
Danbulla, Sri Lanka 2016 ?? Delegate of the 2nd Asia Pacific Regional Meeting (APRM) in NTU, IFSA LC Taiwan 2015 ?? Thank you