IFSA LC IPB Family Gathering 2017 at Gunung Bunder Bogor

Famgath 2017_170308_0018

Family Gathering IFSA LC IPB is an event that gathers all member from batch 52, 51, 50, and alumnaes to strengthen the bond in IFSA family. The event was held on March 4th-5th 2017 at Pondok Marijo Gunung Bunder, Bogor, West Java.  After joining the event, we hope that IFSA LC IPB will have a better and well experienced to increase the organization performance in the future.


Famgath 2017_170308_0027

Famgath 2017_170308_0028

During the BBQ night we all gathered and indulged in a pleasant atmosphere, we had conversation to each other, we laughed and ate together as well. What an unforgettable night!


Famgath 2017_170308_0026

We also had a sharing session at the night that gathered all member to share informations, experiences, and discussed so many topics about IFSA, from the alumnaes, Yesi and Exze (Batch 49) have shared their experiences on IFSA LC IPB at the past time and gave us so many good suggestions for the better.


Famgath 2017_170308_0012

Famgath 2017_170308_0029

On the last day (March 5th), we had some mini games at the villa’s field and enjoy our time there! At the end of it, we went home with a lot of joyous moments we had and unforgettable experiences.  

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