Children as the future of nation, have big role to conserve the nature. IGTV “Get Closer to Nature” was succesfully established at Kampung School last Sunday (27/11/2016). The participants are 20 children from Kampung Jawa, Situ Gede who had joined IGTVs every weekend. We learned so many things by the guidance of the best facilitators provided by Kampung School.

IGTV Get Closer to NatureThe activities started from garden. First we practiced how to make compost from leaves. After that we harvested vegetables, and then cooked it by ourselves. We served it on the table for a cooking competition. It was great for having meals that we harvested and cooked by our hands.

Harvesting vegetables

Harvesting vegetables

We got a lot of energy from our ‘meaningful lunch’. So we continued with playing traditional games. Guess what! It was ‘Egrang‘, a traditional game’s tools made by bamboo. The game was simple, we had to reach the finish line by Egrang. But it wasn’t a simple thing! We had to keep balance, even got helped by our friends to reach the finish. It was very fun. We kept playing even it was rain.

Our visit to Kampung School also be the last of IGTV in 2015/2016 period. Thank you for Kampung School and all the volunteers from IFSA LC IPB.

See you on the next IFSA activities!