EDP Plastic Pollution

Hello fellas!

We had English Discussion Program on Thursday 11st April 2019 at Tanoto 3rd floor. 
The theme was “Earth Guardians?: Ends Plastic Pollution” 
Earth as the source of life. However, this earth has been polluted by plastic waste. Plastic is a material that is difficult to accumulate in the long term. The growing number of plastic useses directly or indirectly causes serious disturbances from abiotic and biotic effects. The movement to reduce plastic waste can be seen from small things, and starts from yourself.

The activity begins with an explanation by the speaker who is one of our best members Safira Azizah. Then, each person has the right to express their opinions and questions. Each person do analyzes the effectiveness of each solution provided by using cost and ease of implementation as the parameters. So the solution presented at the EDP this time can be done and become part of the pioneer of the movement to reduce the use of plastic.

Thank you
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