Hello fellas??? The EDP theme on 5th March 2019 was “Non-Timber Forest products (NTFPs) “. ?????????? They are Non-Timber Forest products (NTFPs ) – biological materials other than timber that are extracted from forests for human use. They include fruits and nuts, honey, medicinal plants, resins, essences and a range of barks and fibres such as bamboo, rattans, and a host of other palms and grasses. Non-timber forest products have long been an important component in the livelihood strategies of forest-dwelling people.

We’ve learned about the potential of Non-Timber Forest Product! We’re given the discussion material by Deasy Ramatia, whose majoring in forest product. We’re given the introduction to forest product and later we’re put into two groups; have a discussion about forest product we’d like to develop; and then we give the presentation of what product we discussed earlier. The learning media is a great one to gain more knowledge about forest product as we exchange information to each other. ??? Thank you
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