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Asia Pasific Regional Meeting In Kyoto University, Japan

On  May 28th  2016, I attended the APRM (Asia Pasific Regional Meeting) in University of Kyoto, Japan. APRM is one of annual program from IFSA (International Forestry Student Association) which involve forestry student in Asia-Pasific to meet and discuss about forestry issues today, and the theme of APRM in Kyoto is “Our Neighbor Forest (Relation about forest and human being)”. Activities of APRM are lecturer and seminar that will consist the government, lectures, and other respective institution Japan to share about forestry in Japan, and then workshop. In this session all of participants have to present their paper in front of other participants and also the lectures from Kyoto University. Field trip, scheduled with some venues about forestry in Japan, and then the last is cultural night for share about our culture.

On the first day, we started the day with had a breakfast in accomodation, and after that we went to Kyoto University to join the open of ceremony. The opening ceremony was held on Masakawa building in Kyoto University. In opening ceremony, the head of OC (organizing committee) Ryota Sasaki gave a speech, and also Veronica Luang as a Regional Representative for Asia Pasific gave her speech to open this event.

Maskawa Building for Education and Research

Maskawa Building for Education and Research

After that, we had a lecturer from Prof. Kanzaki from Kyoto University. Kanzaki sensei talked about forestry situation in Japan. Forest in Japan is dominated from one species of tree which is original from Japan, the name of the tree is Criptomeria japonica or Japanese people usually call it “Sugi”. The utilization of sugi are for furniture, a pillar in temple, event to make a chopstick. Sugi is a very valuable timber in Japan and the prize of sugi is so expensive. But although sugi has a very expensive prize, Japanese people always use sugi as their material furniture, they keeping the existence of Sugi.

APRM 2016

APRM 2016

The next session was, tour lab. We had a tour to Laboratorium of forestry in Kyoto University, and some professor also introduce their lab to us.

Forestry Lab

Presentation about Forestry in Japan

In the night, we held an International night and dinner. In international night each country showed their culture by wore their traditional clothes, dance, sing, and also brought their local food. After the performances from each country, we made a food fair so we can share our food or gave them some souvenir from each country. the delegates from are combining the dancing and the song from Indonesia, we sang Sik sik sibatumanikam, Ampar ampar Pisang, Jangi Janger, Manuk dadali, Yamko rambe yamko and Kampuang nan jauh di mato.

Our Delegates

Our Delegates

In the second day, we had a tour to Ashiu forest research station, we took around one hour from accommodation to ashiu by Bus. When we arrived at Ashiu, we had a lectures first from Prof. Nakagawa and her assistant.

Japan Forest

Japan Forest

They explained about the Ashiu forest, and still about the endemic species of Japan Criptomeria japonica or we call sugi. In ashiu forest we ca found so many variety of Criptomeria japonica or Japanese cedar. Ashiu is also the inhabitants of animal. We can easly found the Japanese hawk-eagle, Japanese Goshwak, and event the salamander one of reptile species that we can not found in Indonesia. In ashiu forest we also can found the river. For information river in Japan is very clean. Not only river in forest, but also the river in the middle of the city, until we can found the firefly in the night easly (firefly can be use as indicator of water, if there are a lot of firefly that means very clean water).



On the third day, we visited the Kamigamo experimental forest. In Kamigamo, we had a lecturer about pine in Japan. In Kamigamo, we can found so many  strobilus of pines from around the world.

Pine Fruits

Pine Fruits

After that, we can looked outside and we can found an unique things. We can saw the root of pines is not inside the ground, but they grew on the groud. The reason why is because Kamigamo is really high of moisture because kamigami have a lot of the river and near from there. That’s why the root is appear on the ground to get the oxygen.

After we visited kamigamo, we went to Kitayama-sugi. Kitayama is a center utilizes a lavish amount of Kitayama Maruta and other woods of Kyoto origin for construction and interior materials. In Kitayama, we learnt about how to clean sugi from its skin after it cuts. They still use a traditional way to clean the skin of sugi, they think that is the best way to keep the quality of sugi. We also can see so many variant of sugi utilization.

The Deer

The Deer

On the 4th day, we started the day with having a breakfast and then went to Nara. Nara is located south Kyoto. It is well known that in 710 Japan’s first permanent capital “Heijyo-Kyo” was established in Nara. Nara park is a large park when we can encounter lots of deer.

After that we went to the temple inside Nara, inside the temple we can found the statue of Budha in a very large size. Some budhist do a pray inside the tmple.



We continued with went up to Wakakusa mountain that located behind the tample.

Finally on the last day, after had a breakfast we went to Syunko-in Temple. On Syunko-in Temple, we did a meditation with the trainer. After we did a meditation they served a traditional rice cake and matcha both original cuisine from Japan.

After we finished the meditation and enjoy the temple, we moved to Kyoto University with presentation agenda. Each LC had 10 minute to present their paper, and then 5 minute to discussion. IFSA LC-IPB got the first turn to present the paper.

After presentation session, we moved to IFSA official session. In this session, we discuss and present our opinion and everything about APRM 2016.

APRM Certificate for Rosdiana Safitri

APRM Certificate for Rosdiana Safitri

Finally we did our farewell dinner. The farewell diner was held on Cafetaria of  Kyoto University. The farewell dinner, Ryota Sasaki as a president of IFSA-LC Kyoto University gave his speech, and continued with we ate our dinner together and ryota gave us the certificate.

APFW 2016

Asia-Pacific Forestry Week 2016

Clark Freeport Zone, Pampanga, Philippines 22-26 February 2016

“Growing Our Future!”

APFW 2016, co-hosted by the Department of Environment and Natural Resources of the Philippines and the Food and Agricultural Organization of the United Nations, Follows the success of two previous Forestry Weeks held in Hanoi, Vietnam in April 2008 and in Beijing, China in November 2015. It is the largest Forestry week thus far, with more than 70 different events that we hope you will find useful for your professional and social development.

Moreover, partner organizations, the International Tropical Timber Organization (ITTO), World Resources Institutes (WRI), Center for International Forestry Research (CIFOR), Pacific Community (SPC), RECOFTC-The Center for People and Forest, ASEAN Social Forestry Network (ASFN), ASEAN-ROK Forest Cooperation (AFoCo) and Asia-Pacific Network for Sustainable Forest Management Rehabilitation (APFNet), will serve as stream leaders for the five thematic streams!

26th Session Asia-Pacific Forestry Commission

Forest Product

Forest Product

The 26th session of APFC is set to gather member-country delegates and observers from international organizations to discuss key forestry issues in the Asia-Pacific region. In addition, the forum will serve as a venue to consider policy issues, review progress of ongoing initiatives and formulate new agendas for the future of the forestry sector at the regional levels.


Press Release : Youthdev Summit 2016

YOUTHDEV SUMMIT 2016: Bringing Youth Closer to SDGs, is an event which presented by local Non-Government Organization (NGO) named Youth Corps Indonesia. This event is going to encourage young knowledge about Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) . YouthDev Summit 2016 is youth conference which dedicated to all youth who can get involved in dialogue and contribute to development in Indonesia.

Sustainable Development has been defined as development that meets the needs of the present without compromising the ability of future generations to meet their own needs. Actually the SDGs build on the success of the Millennium Development Goals (MDGs). For further information about SDGs you can click the here (http://www.un.org/sustainabledevelopment/).

This event was held on February 20th 2016 at Auditorium BPPT (Badan Pengkajian dan Penerapan Teknologi) in Jakarta, Indonesia. There are two main programs in YouthDev Summit 2016, Discussion Panel and Youth Conference. NGO Discussion Panel aim to all youth NGO can meet directly and synergy with two other elements: Government and Private Sector. This discussion panel be divided to four thematic forum which are Health, Environment, Art Culture and Education. Youth Conference is for all youth who want to know more about SDGs from many trusted sources.

In the NGO Discussion Panel on Environment attended by representative from ministry of environment and forestry which presented by Mrs. Ana and Nutrifood, one of the famous Private Sector in Indonesia which presented by Mr. Jesaya and. Discussion moderated by Mr. Fajri from the NGO Sobat Bumi Indonesia. First presentation is presented by Mrs. Ana, she explain what is Sustainable Development Goals in government view. And second presentation is presented by Mr. Jesaya, he explain how is the role of private sector in development in Indonesia. After those presentation, moderator ask the audiance to give some questions to all speakers. We talk a lot about how Environment can make a huge impact to the implementation of SDGs and how can these three elements can contribute and involve to development in Indonesia. There are so many opinion that came from NGO to government side and private sector side. The last session in this discussion panel is we seperated into two groups, which one group leaded by Mrs. Ana and one other leaded by Mr. Jesaya, the topic devided into three topics, which are funding, colaboration and community participation.

After the discussion panel we are going to the second program which is Youth Conference. This conference attended by so many influencers who involve in SDGs in Indonesia.


Public Relation Comission of IFSA LC-IPB

  • Youth Conference venue
    Youth Conference venue
  • YouthDev Summit 2016 goodie bag
    YouthDev Summit 2016 goodie bag
  • Discussion Panel venue
    Discussion Panel venue
  • Youthdev

IFSA LC-IPB’s member arrival in CIFOR, Headquarter Bogor Indonesia.

Press Release IFSA Visit CIFOR 2015

Enhancing Our Capability towards International Forestry Field

IFSA Visit is one of the way to broaden the students’ horizon about forestry in advance also expanding good relationship with the international forestry institution for maintain the network. The venue of IFSA Visit was CIFOR. Members of IFSA LC IPB were visiting CIFOR (Center for International Forestry Research) Headquarter Bogor, Indonesia on December 8th 2015. The participants of this visit were about 28 persons, President of IFSA LC IPB (Deki Andika Purbaya) and also IFSA’s Seven of LC-IPB are included.


Welcome speech delivered by President of IFSA LC-IPBWelcome speech delivered by President of IFSA LC-IPB

The theme of our visit was Enhancing Our Capability towards International Forestry Field which have goals to get get the information about CIFOR as international forestry organization, get the information about scientist profession in forestry. This visit also aimed to get further information to enhance our capacity and capability towards international forestry field and knowing bachelor of forestry’s role towards international forestry field. The most important thing was to create ongoing cooperation between IFSA and CIFOR.


IFSA Visit was started at 09.00am (GMT +7) in Amazon Room and we are also assisted by Mrs. Budhy Kristanty. We were welcomed by Ms. Monica Ade Ayu (Researcher Assistant) also alumni of IFSA LC-IPB, she took the position as master of ceremony. Welcome speech also delivered by President of IFSA LC-IPB and Maria Ojanen. The first speech about CIFOR and its background as a non-profit research organization, its location and history delivered by Maria. Second speech that was really motivated us given by Mrs. Satria Oktarita (senior-researcher staff, alumni of IFSA LC-IPB). Forester’s role in professional forestry field isn’t limited for those who work in forestry’s organization but also in wider aspect, a lot of forester work in government, NGO, related industries as an environmental consultant and much more. Our contribution as a forester are awaited for better future. The last speech delivered by Mr. Efrian Muharom, he told us about his experiences after graduated as a bachelor of forestry, his struggle to get the scholarship and also his work experiences in many NGO related to the environment and forestry.


Our visit are closed by a symbolic certificate resignation to the speakers, master of ceremony and also Mrs. Budhy Kristanty. We are guided to a mini-tour around CIFOR Campus by Ms. Monica Ade Ayu. Our visit was so amazing. Our visit to CIFOR has broaden our horizon, not only in forestry field but more than what we expected.


See ya on our next visit!



Public Relation Commission of IFSA LC-IPB


  • Arrival in Amazon Meeting room.
    Arrival in Amazon Meeting room.
  • Mini-tour to CIFOR’s library
    Mini-tour to CIFOR’s library
  • Participants of IFSA Visit in CIFOR’s library
    Participants of IFSA Visit in CIFOR’s library
  • Presentation by Mrs. Satria Oktarita
    Presentation by Mrs. Satria Oktarita
  • Presentation of Mrs. Maria Ojanen
    Presentation of Mrs. Maria Ojanen
  • President of IFSA LC-IPB (right) was giving certificate to Maria Ojanen (left) as the speaker of IFS
    President of IFSA LC-IPB (right) was giving certificate to Maria Ojanen (left) as the speaker of IFS
  • Speech delivered by Mr. Efrian Muharom
    Speech delivered by Mr. Efrian Muharom
  • Welcome speech by Ms. Monica Ade Ayu (Master of Ceremony)
    Welcome speech by Ms. Monica Ade Ayu (Master of Ceremony)
  • Welcome speech delivered by President of IFSA LC-IPB
    Welcome speech delivered by President of IFSA LC-IPB

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