Being An IFSA LC IPB’s Alumni

ade ayu dewayani

In this article I would like to share my experience on being involved with International Forestry Students’ Association or shortly called IFSA, especially IFSA Local Committee IPB. In the era when I joined IFSA LC IPB, given the seniors in IFSA were an extraordinary student, I personally believed that joining IFSA would significantly improve my practical skill and theoretical knowledge about Forestry also about organizational leadership.

Subsequently after I joined IFSA LC IPB, I was appointed to be one of the LC IPB delegation on South East Asia Forest Youth Meeting (SEAFYM) along with Winahyu (KSHE 47) and Muhammad Arief (THH 47). This event was hosted by IFSA LC IPB which aimed to gather forestry students from South East Asia and discuss about recent forestry issue. Prior to the departure of the recent Head of HRD division –Sonya (MNH 46)- I was chosen by the LC IPB to take the position in the replacement of Sonya. So, in the beginning of 2012, I became Head of HRD division under Rizka Asti Wulandari (THH 46) leadership.

I’ve gone through a lot of new and valuable experiences during my period as a Head of HRD. Since HRD is the vital division which make the LC functioned, became Head of HRD division required a creativeness and innovativeness. Preparing the topic for EDP so that the participant able to enhance their knowledge about forestry issues, choosing the best person to be selected as a delegation, providing material to upgrade members capability, and by the end of the year HRD need to select a new member for IFSA LC IPB. All of those things I mentioned above taught me to be able to perceive a new issues promptly and comprehensively, and also gave me a valuable lesson on how to manage time properly.

During my membership in IFSA LC IPB, I’ve became delegation on several international seminar/symposia; SEAFYM (Bogor, Dec 2011), Asia Regional Meeting (Jogjakarta, May 2012), 19th TRI-U IJSS (Bogor, Oct 2012) and 24th IUFRO World Congress (Utah, Oct 2014). Since most of the event I’ve attended as delegation were held in Indonesia, up until my last period in IFSA I never experienced the intricacy of fund-raising process. But, the fate twisted my senior year in IFSA by providing me a challenge to attend a scientific congress in USA. My position as a senior student did not benefited me in term of fund-raising availability, otherwise I have to relent with the delegation of IFSS and APRM since those two events have higher importance to be attended by IFSA members. In this time of struggling, I learn a lot about building a communication with important and highly impacted person in order to get assistance on fund-raising process, finding another alternative as a fund-raising options and work tirelessly to follow up with the potential fund-raiser.

Now, I currently work as a Research Consultant in CIFOR. The most valuable lesson learned from joining IFSA during my university years are how to develop a critical way of thinking and also how to encourage myself to work with proper ethical work.

The only advise I would like to give to IFSA nowadays are the most important thing about joining IFSA is not about going overseas or attend summer course or student exchange to abroad. The important thing is how you can create a new innovation or experience that would give an impact to the respective field that you focused on. If you already owned a long list of experiences/contributions on your respective field since university, you will possess a higher value as professional in the future.

Sincerely yours,

Ade Ayu Dewayani (E4-46)

3 thoughts on “Being An IFSA LC IPB’s Alumni

  1. Hi everyone in IFSA LC IPB!. It’s great opportunity for those of you who joint various professional development in Forestry particularly for student. I have been working there for 3 years from 1997 – 1998 as head of HRD and handling special duty in exchange programe. We have common culture in forestry student’s and same interest in reseach. It’s awesome! I am glad that IFSA LC IPB growing good performance and most student fell happy to come and visit IFSA LC IPB recently.

    1. Hello Mr. Yusran!

      Thank you for visiting our website and we really appreciate your compliments for IFSA LC IPB.

  2. Hi! I would like to revise my previous experienced in IFSA LC IPB. I have appointed as both duty and member of the IFSA LC IPB from 1997 – 1999. Then I graduated also from Forestry in 1999 accordingly. I am glad to hear from you and citizen of IFSA LC IPB to respond my visiting your website.

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